Saturday 28 June 2014

Some sobering truth about the life in Ukraine after western governments supported the russophobic regime

June 24, 2014

No one ever thinks about the water. Or the toilet paper, as it were.

But these are among the many, many staples that become luxuries when one's nation is in crisis.
Hours ago, the local gas company in Kiev (Kyivenergo) announced that they would be shutting off the hot water supply to most of the city.

While the official reason for the hot water shutoff is that Kyivenergo (the energy supplier to Kiev) owes a debt to the Ukrainian state gas company (Naftogaz) of over $100 million.

It's just a quirky little coincidence that this debt suddenly became materially important only one week after Russia shut off natural gas supplies to Ukraine.

Funny thing is that Ukrainian politicians for years had been telling people not to worry about this.
You see, Ukraine has its own domestic natural gas supplies. And they tell people that the domestic gas is strictly for the people and their utilities (like hot water).

Russian gas, according to this story, is imported for businesses to use. But that domestic gas is sacrosanct, only for the people.

Saturday 21 June 2014

Russia's World Cup Record

Russia is not known as a soccer powerhouse. But it does have a devoted fan base, is set to host the 2018 World Cup, and has the highest-paid coach at this summer’s World Cup. Russia’s squat has been ranked #18 in the games by FIFA and is not predicted to win the world’s most popular sporting event. In fact, some experts believe that the Russian national team, which has only qualified for two World Cup games in the past, will be hard pressed to make it out of its group round, where they face off against Belgium, South Korea and Algeria.

But, all that aside, back in 1994, at Russia’s first World Cup games, a member of the Russian team made history...

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