Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Who and why hates Olympic Games, RZD and Vladimir Yakunin (2)

There is only one antidote for different kinds of liars, either native or foreign, it is the critical perception of information. The main thing is to supress one’s burst of anger which is stirred up by such provocative infromation. After all the truth will be discovered and the after-pains will stay.

And it is what they expect. When there are too many after-pains we will have a reaction as we have in Ukraine. And the winner will be not the catalyst of the reaction. Not we are but the other side...

My dear friends, if you don’t want to be manipulated, you should think! And you should not take it to your heart, as the closer the Olimpics-2014 were, the wider was the flood of mud poured out on it. The people who throw mud at Putin in a burst of «putin-phobia» have lost either the sense of proportion or the reality feeling.

Even such Russophobes as Akunin, who have escaped abroad from «the horrors of bloody regime», feel ashamed of them. And the leaders of «antirussian movement» even have to pull up their minions who are trying too hard, as they discredit the protest idea in the whole.

There are four persons mostly remarkable for the passion for throwing mud at the Olimpics: Andrey Malgin, Oleg Kozurev, Alexey Navalny and Boris Nemtsov (Neyman). You should remember their faces well! The country should know its anti-heroes!

An absolute champion among them is Malgin, who has been able to create 22 «anti-olimpic» posts during the week before Sochi Olympics. The leader of the «complex shit-throwing» is Kozurev - 15 posts and 49 twitts of the same kind. The list of the participants of these «competition» is enclosed by Navalny with 11 portions of shit and Nemtsov-Neyman - 6 portions. 

I should make excuses for my obscene lexis, but there are no high-minded descriptions to portray the activity of these creatures. The abilities of a skunk sometimes overcome the strength of a lion. The point is that the skunk is still alive...

An nervous skunk is a biological weapons of mass destruction and our skunks are very nervous.  And you can observe an obvious reason: the hatred towards homeland is being sold worse than ever before.

Let’s get back so our skunks, in particular to Boris Neyman (Nemtsov) and his controversy with Vladimir Yakunin on «The Echo of Moscow» site. I should mention that the weather has overloaded the north of Russia with snow as if mocking at Nemtsov’s attemts to present the idea of carrying out the Olympics in subtropics as a nonsense. And there is a lot of snow in the city of Sochi. 

By the way, almost all the latest Olympic Games were carried out in the damp subtropics or temperate climate, which is rather logical. You should try to compete in skiing or ski jumping when it is 20 or 30 C below zero. Modern technologies are able to compensate the lacking in snow, but they are still unable to cope with severe frost. 

First I have studied the report of Vladimir Yakunin on the «Strategic Partnership» business-forum, and then malicious and unfounded Nemtsov’s accusations with the imitation of human rights activity. After that I asked myself a question: why had Nemtsov pitched into the Sochi Olympics and the activity of the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin in particular. 

So I needed to google it, and I think that you should do the same, my dear friends! After all, sometimes doubts are very useful, even if they lead you to the right conclusion. It turned out that the clue of this secret is on the surface...

To be continued...

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