Monday, 24 February 2014

Who and why hates Olympic Games, RZD and Vladimir Yakunin (3)

So the clue to Boris Neyman’s (Nemtsov) covert hatred for the successes of the “Putin’s regime” should be sought, as usual, in his past. Not so distant past, by the way.

The idea of holding the “Olympics in the Subtropics” is not actually new, its history counts at least 25 years. Here is what Nikolay Karpov, the former mayor of Sochi, tells about it:

“We were suggested to host the Winter Olympic Games in 1989. Vitaly Smirnov, a representative of the IOC in Russia, and Alexander Tikhonov, a famous sportsman in the past and nowdays a president of the Russian Biathlon Union, came to Sochi. They examined the city’s conditions and said: “It is such a unique place for the Winter Olympics. It’s time to think about the Games.”

And in 1994, when I was the mayor of Sochi, we submitted an application to the IOC for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games… Soon after the evaluation commission, headed by Thomas Bach, the IOC vice-president, came. Analyzing the application, they took into consideration the climate conditions as there were no infrastructure or any ongoing construction in Sochi at that time. Could you imagine, there were no road to Krasnaya Polyana! Even then, we took the fourth place among other cities-candidates. The one and only drawback of our application was the War in Chechnya! The 2002 Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City…”

Before choosing Sochi as the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics, the IOC experts came there and inspected the city again. And still selected it during the 119th IOC Session held in Guatemala City! So if judge by Nemtsov-Neyman’s arguments, the whole IOC together with Russian sport leaders are all incompetent people! Oh, yes, Mr. Nemtsov and his ally Martynyuk are the experts!

So what is the basis for the Nemtsov’s negative “expert assessment”? That’s where the fun begins. If you carefully look at the biography of Mr. Nemtsov you’ll see very interesting details. In fact, Russia bade for hosting the Winter Olympics in Sochi not only in 1994 and 2008, but also in 1998 – the period when Nemtsov hold a post of the First Deputy Prime-Minister of the Russian Federation.

Do you think the First Deputy Prime-Minister could not know about the planned “Olympics in the Subtropics”? No chance! Nevertheless, I don’t remember any angry revelations of the “adventure of the century” coming from the First Deputy Prime-Minister B. Nemtsov…

And there couldn’t be any! In April 1997 a state decree n.511 was adopted called “On federal targeted program “Socio-economic development of the resort city of Sochi for the period till 2010”. A state commission was organized for this program. Guess who headed the commission!? The right answer is Mr. Nemtsov, the First Deputy Prime-Minister and the Minister of Fuel and Energy. I don’t think it was a coincidence!

As is well known, in 1998 Boris Nemtsov was deprived of all his ranks, titles and posts. He lost them because of his “wrong” behavior. As then-Prime-Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin said in March 1998 “

Boris Nemtsov was an inexperienced and not very competent politician”. Boris Berezovsky said about him that he was a figure in a stage of the prolonged maturation who had not determined his social orientation yet. 

That is how Nemtsov’s career as a state official ended. For the next 10 years he was engaged in the anti-Russian political struggle under the vigilant supervision of the US State Department trainers. Apparently, Nemtsov was maturing and deciding on his orientation.

When Sochi was selected as the host city of the Winter Olympics, and it became clear that there would be huge investments in the city, Nemtsov undertook a furious attempt to return to the “resort-city-of-Sochi development program” in the role of mayor. He fought for this place like a lion! And when he lost, he brought an action to court on the acknowledgment of the results of elections to be invalid. What do you think, my friends, should Nemtsov become the mayor, would he fight for the ecology in Sochi, would he sabotage the preparation for the Olympics? I don’t think so…

The court dismissed Nemtsov’s action. And from that moment Nemtsov began his campaign against the organizers of the Sochi Olympics…

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