Saturday, 20 September 2014

Putin Would Win Elections in France and Germany


"Public opinion polls in Germany and France showed that Putin would win the presidential elections in both countries ..." — this idea was voiced on the sidelines of the International Forum "The large family and the future of humanity", which concluded on September 12 in Moscow. In an interview with the Russian TV channel "Tsargrad", Konstantin Malofeev, chairman of the board of trustees of the St. Basil the Great Charitable Foundation and one of the organizers of the Forum spoke on the issue.

— Konstantin Valeryevich, today we are at the Family forum, and nobody is hiding the basic religious affiliation of the conference, because it is taking place in Russia, in Moscow, in the Kremlin. How important is tradition for the Russian Orthodox faith in the restoration of family values?
— Without it, nothing is possible. Without God, in principle, nothing is possible, but moreover, without Him it is impossible to protect and preseve the family. A large family is only possible when the husband and wife believe that childbearing is about creating a family, and not just a joint-activity in something like farming, or buying a car or a washing machine. If you and I look at the Orthodox family in Russia, you will see a dramatic difference [from non-Orthodox families]. In Orthodox families, according to statistics, there are about two and a half or three times as many children. That's the average family that goes to church. And if you and I look at large families, almost all of them are religious. So, of course, if we are talking about the future of Russia, it is in people of faith, it is in the family of believers, because only such families bear a large number of children; these families are the ones with little angels. As father Vladimir Vorobyev (Russian orthodox priest — ed.) said, the birth of a baby is a visit from the family's guardian angel. Because when a family has a small child, he illuminates their direct relationship to their children.

— Our TV channel is organized in such a way that it is broadcast live on the internet; today we see users of satellites, computers, tablets, and telephones all over the world. Do you have any words of encouragement for people who now may feel some sense of loss — especially in the West? Many people who adhere to traditional values want to feel grounded in a sense of purpose, but can't. How can they regain this?
— I'd like to just reach out to those who speak Russian, and live in these countries, or who are in republics of the former Soviet Union who are now in the camp, so to speak, of the totalitarian anti-cultural West, because not all of the West is like that... I would like to say that with God, all things are possible. Twenty-five years ago, we could not imagine while living in the Soviet Union, that we could live in a country with 25,000 new churches and 800 new monasteries. And tens of millions of new believers. Therefore, let them pray, let turn to God, let them believe — that in the West, and in the countries where they live, everything will change. Everything changes — but one must ask God about this, along with our intercessor, the Blessed Virgin, and everything will be possible.

— Last question. Today's top hashtag is #ЗападЗаРоссию («West Supports Russia») — which is directly tied to the current forum. People can look it up and see all of the messages that are specifically related to this event. Can we realistically say that the West, or at least part of it — the thoughtful, thinking part — is today really, in spite of everything, in favor of Russia?
— Of course. It's obvious. Public opinion polls in Germany and France showed that Putin would have won the presidential elections in both countries. My partner, Philip Deauville, with whom we are building a historical park, said openly that France needs a president like Putin, and it was repeated in France, across the media. And of course they are deprived, and they suffer greatly because they don't have a grandeur like ours. Therefore, we sometimes think that we, of course, have all sorts of flaws — and people lie and they're rude, and anything can happen and it is very hard to take care of young children when you have enough of them — but believe me, life in the West is now more difficult. So I think that it is a great hashtag. The population of the West, the people of the West, of course, are pro-Russia.

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