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Who and why hates Olympic Games, RZD and Vladimir Yakunin (4)

The life of Nemtsov can be considered as unenviable. You can judge yourself. He is a former «golden boy», former governor of Nizhny Novgorod, former minister, former deputy prime-minister, and it seems to be that he is a former politician now. Former, former, former...

Nemtsov’s career path is tortuous and contradictory and is divided into two periods: before being deputy prime-minister in 1998 and after... The period before 1998 is remarkable for the steepness and swiftness of his raising which didn’t take much pain. The period after that was a sweeping collapse, though Nemtsov tried to show resistance.

The decline of Nemtsov’s career has one weighty reason: everyone is bored to death with him. As if he is an infant terrible who started playing pranks, the beloved son of the head of the family. Everybody understands that the «power» of the infant is based only on the fact that the old lion is napping nearby. They understand but can do nothing till they have an opportunity. But when they have it!...

I’ve already told you what his former patrons and bosses had said about him. I can repeat it one more time: «Nemtsov is an inexperienced and not very competent politician». According to Berezovsky: «Nemtsov is a figure in a stage of the prolonged maturation who has not determined his social orientation yet». As is well known, one of Berezovsky’s strong points was his ability of making people out... By the way, Chernomyrdin had personal complaints against Nemtsov, as after Eltsin had appointed Nemtsov the Deputy Prime-Minister «he behaved boldly and didn’t stick to the rules during the meetings of the government...»

Nemtsov’s carreer was ruined not only by his cocky treatment of the high and mighty. Nemtsov was unable to tell «people who matter» from the others. Pay your attention to Mr. Brevnov, who was the fourth in the list of the governmental commission and had a title of the president of RAO UES. Just a couple of years ago Boris Brevnov was just an owner of a small shabby NBD-bank in Nizhny Novgorod. Under the governor Nemtsov the bank has flourished and became a solid financial institution. This very bank served to Nemtsov as the way of laundering and oversplitting of the budget money.

And when Mr. Nemtsov moved to the government, he, in reward for good service, took along Brevnov, his personal wallet. After taking the post of the Minister of Fuel and Energy he appointed Brevnov the head of RAO UES…

However, Brevnov became the indelible shame in the biography of Boris Nemtsov. When Nemtsov lost all his posts and ranks, Brevnov for some reason urgently decided to move to the US, the motherland of his wife Gretchen Wilson. He freighted a plane (at the expense of RAO UES, of course, what cost the company $520 000), packed his stuff and flew to the US without any customs inspection. Rumor had it that he even made off with some old antique cupboard… Later Brevnov was declared wanted by Interpol, but still not found…

I hope, some day we will get to know the Nemtsov’s secrets that B.Brevnov was hiding. As he had things to conceal, for sure. With Brevnov’s active participation, the subsidies to JSC “GAZ” and the state loan to Navashino Shipbuilding Plant “Oka” vanished into thin air. According to the chief editor of the newspaper “Industrial vedomosti” Moses Gelman, “Nemtsov-Brevnov’s manipulation with budget funds, among others, led to the bankruptcy of Navashino Shipbuilding Plant and, consequently, high level of unemployment in the city of Navashino”.

The next swindle of  Nemtsov and Brevnov was the purchase of the Balakhna Paper Mill by Gretchen Wilson, Brevnov’s wife, for just $7m, while the fair value of this unique plant was ten times higher. The new owner and her “buddies” almost destroyed the company sucking out of it all they could benefit from. Balakhna Paper Mill was taken over by US bank CS First Boston for the same $7m. Later in his book “Confessions of the Rebel”, Nemtsov called Wilson "a very sensible woman, who has done a lot for the Nizhny Novgorod oblast"...

And here is what the witnesses of Nemtsov’s governorship tell about him. The chairman of the Agrarian Union of the Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Vladimir Belozerov, one of the few who had his own opinion, not the governor’s one: “Is Nemtsov a good reformer? See for yourself. There is a very interesting book: “Review of food policy and reforms in agriculture”, published by the World Bank in 1992. You won’t find it on the open market, I got it from some people from the oblast administration. It says: “As a result of reforms in the Nizhny Novgorod oblast agricultural production and foodstuff consumption should decrease, import should rise…” The main goal is to replace the public production by the private production, otherwise no foreign loans will be extended for purchasing the same foodstuff; full information is provided of how many farms and milk plants should be destroyed. And if you compare Nemtsov’s actions with what the book suggests, you’d see he did exactly as written. The livestock, land under crop and agricultural production output fell dramatically, wages in rural areas fell ten times”. 

Nelly Malysheva, the director of Nizhny Novgorod branch of the Centre for the analysis of inter-regional economic problems, says: “Under Nemtsov the standard of living in the oblast fell more than nationwide. The share of the poor and mortality rate grew 150% compared to the country’s average. Housing construction in Russia fell 11%, in the Nizhny Novgorod oblast – 29%. Under Nemtsov the crowd of foreigners started coming to previously closed Nizhny Novgorod, the home for many defense enterprises. But foreigner did not help the ruined factories to recover as they were just buying military secrets for a song. The investments were scanty: compared to $351m invested in Volgograd oblast in 1994, $500m invested in Kirishinefteorgsintez in Leningrad oblast, Nizhny Novgorod attracted just $75m into its paper mill, which is quite advantageous for foreign investors: no expenditures for cleaning needed, all the waste is poured out into the Volga River!...”

So, in 1997 Nemtsov, who ruined one of the strongest “defense” region, was promoted to the post of the Deputy Prime-Minister by Yeltsin. And it is Putin who saved the county from people like Nemtsov and his rostrum fellows – Navalny, Udaltsov, Gessen, Albats, Chirikova, Parfenov, Malgin, Kozyrev – who are the stinkers and liars desperate for bursting through to the Bolotnaya stage and the US financial “nipple”.

Is it now clear why people like Nemtsov are so angry with Putin and his team (particularly effective members of the team – Yankunin, Sechin, Shuvalov)?

Mr. Nemtsov, you’d better stop shouting about corruption and theft of budget money in Sochi! Who are you to judge someone?! You could be a great corruption adviser, but certainly not a judge or prosecutor. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!

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